Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our newest Peanut

Once again I have to start out by saying that I've been a very bad blogger lately. But....this time I have a very good excuse!! Morning sickness! As of today, I'm 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Emma's little brother/sister (I'd be willing to bet big money that it's a sister, but I haven't the money!). We're very excited. We had been really trying for about 3 months - much shorter than when we got pregnant with Emma! My goal was to plan things so that this baby would be due around the time Emma was so that Brad would be home for the summer to help me out. We did good - the due date is June 18th and Emma's 2nd birthday is June 22!
Ultrasound 7 weeks, 3 days

Like I said, I've had terrible morning sickness. I have been thinking that it's worse than with Emma, but after looking back at my pregnancy journal, it's really not. With Emma, I once got so sick and threw up so violently that I caused my cervix to bleed, and another time I actually broke blood vessels IN my eyeball. Gross. This time I've had a few broken blood vessels on my face, and lost 9 lbs, but that's it.

So far, things have gone pretty smoothly. My blood pressure has been a little higher than usual, but not "high" so the doctors are keeping an eye on it. Other than that, and the all-day nausea/vomiting, things are great!

We had a bit of a scare this week though. We rented a doppler to hear the heartbeat, as we did with Emma. We've been trying and trying for a week or so, but haven't heard anything. I told myself that I wouldn't panic until I saw my doctor (who I love tremendously and would likely want to marry were I not already married, and were he not playing for the other team). Well, Dr. D listened for a good 10 minutes. He pushed, poked, and prodded. He made my uterus contort into positions I didn't think possible, and nothing. He told me not to worry, and I tried not to. He wanted to squeeze me in for a quick ultrasound before worrying. He stuck his head in to tell me this, and asked how I was doing. I told him I was going to hold it together as long as he told me to. He came in and sat back down with me - that's what kind of doctor he is. Once he was satisfied that I hadn't lost all hope, he left and I waited.

By this point, my knees were shaking. I had already sent out a quick "please pray" on facebook because I know how much some prayer warriors can do in times of need. I prayed to every saint I could think of, and called my mom and Brad to ask them to pray too. The ultrasound tech came out and took me back to the ultrasound room.

I've had so many experiences in that very room. It was the place where I was first told that my baby wasn't developing properly. The place where I was told I was in the process of miscarrying. It was also the place where I heard Emma's heartbeat for the very first time. Many tears had been shed there - and I was a big mess. As soon as the tech put the ultrasound probe on my belly she said "it's jumping!" I burst into tears. She handed me tissues as she kept scanning. The baby had a perfect heart rate of 162. We watched it jump, flip over, kick, and move it's arms. I was in love. Only once have I ever been so relieved in my entire life - the day that I heard Emma's heartbeat after spotting and thinking I was miscarrying again. Praise GOD!! The pictures are a little blurry, probably because I was hysterical, but also because she was in a hurry! I think he/she looks a little like Emma did in her 12 week ultrasound. What do you think?

Profile Picture - his/her head is on the left

Sweet little foot :)

I got to see my doctor again and hear a "SEE! I told you not to worry!" The ultrasound tech thinks that I may have an anterior placenta, where the placenta is attached to the front of my uterus, making it a little harder to listen to a heartbeat or feel kicks. Then again, it's also a little on the early side to trust a doppler anyway. I felt SO much better! I go back right before Christmas for a regular appointment. We SHOULD be able to hear the heartbeat then, unless this little monkey has other plans!

Emma is doing SO well! She's just Mama's little angel. She's talking up a storm. She'll repeat just about any single word that you ask her to, or try to. She says "hot" and blows on food - even if it's not hot! My mom asked her if her doll needed a clean diaper. Emma sniffed the butt!!! We all cracked up. When we say her prayers every night, she ends it with "may-men." It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. She's a climber, and has gotten into some trouble for climbing on furniture and looking at me with a guilty face while she does it. We've recently had to start implementing "time out" which is working beautifully. That Supernanny sure knows her stuff.

We had a great Halloween - Emma dressed up as a butterfly and trick or treated in Brad's parents neighborhood. We had a great time - and Brad even got to terrorize some little children while handing out candy. Would you believe that she left the hat on the entire time???

We're looking forward to Emma's second Christmas. It feels so strange to think that this is her second. She still is so much of a baby to me! She's going to get lots of great presents from Santa and her grandparents. We put up the tree (fake this year - think we'll start the tradition of a real tree next year once she's not trying to pull it over!). She loves it. We are going to decorate it this weekend. I can't wait to see what she thinks of it and of all of the Christmas houses and decorations. She's so much fun right now. She loves baby dolls, is very affectionate, and is just an angel. She'll often come up to me and get some "sugar" AKA wet mouth kisses! It's the sweetest thing. She thinks my Dad hung the moon. She runs up to him with her arms up every time she sees him. She can even say Grandaddy!

I feel like there's so much more to say, but I can't even think because I've missed blogging about so much. I'll update regularly now - I promise!!