Friday, November 4, 2011

Stone Mountain

We have discovered the Stone Mountain love.  As I kid, I think I may have gone once or twice.  I had never even seen the Laser Show until I met Brad.  I was neglected as a child, as you can see.  :)

We decided to get an annual pass because we live so close and we are always looking for something fun to do on weekends.  I can really see us going back a lot!  

We rode the train when we first got there - Emma LOVED it!  If it weren't $20 for us to ride it, I would say we'd do it a lot.  Maybe only on special occasions.  

We went back the following weekend for the last laser show of the season.  It was so fun!  Emma loved running around like a crazy person before the show started.  She watched the show and LOVED the fireworks.  Unfortunately, it was past Abby's bedtime and she was less than happy with the situation.  She stayed in the Moby Wrap and was fairly quiet though.


We can't wait for the Christmas season to start and then for the laser show again in the Spring.  In the meantime, we can do lots of walking, playing in the playground, and having picnics.


I've been getting a lot of questions lately about different types of babywearing, so I thought I'd do a blog post about my favorite carriers.

If you've read this blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I have lots.  I love wearing my babies and they do too.  It's rare that I will put Abby (or Emma when she was smaller) in a carrier and have her be awake 15 minutes later.  It's so relaxing for the baby, as they are right up next to you and can hear your heartbeat.  It's incredibly beneficial for newborns as well.  When they are in a carrier, it is the closest they can get to feeling like they're still in the womb.  Feeling your movement and hearing your voice in your chest are so soothing for a tiny baby.  In fact, many moms find that wearing their baby reduces colic and fussiness.  

There are several types of carriers, and I only have a few of them.  I have a ring sling, a Moby Wrap, a Sleepy Wrap, and several "slings."

I have only recently discovered a love for my ring sling, so there aren't many pictures of me using it.  I never could get comfortable with it when Emma was small, so I was determined to try it again.  I discovered that YouTube has TONS of how-to videos for every type of carrier imaginable.  I watched a few short videos, discovered some easy tips, and then was able to master using it with Abby.  She loves it!  

While I like the ring sling, it still isn't my favorite.  It is a little finicky and not the best for a beginner.  My absolute favorite is just a plain sling.  My favorite brand is Peanut Shell, and I have 2 or 3 from there.  I've always managed to find them on sale on their outlet website, and never pay more than $20 for one.  In fact, there's a microfleece one that's identical to one I have for $19.99 right now!  I'm a bargain shopper!  They are the easiest to throw in a diaper bag, and the quickest to throw on and put a baby in.  I always have one in my diaper bag.  

I have a few that are just pretty and thin, and 2 that are for cooler weather.  They all get plenty of use!  I love to use these at the grocery store or when out shopping.  I can throw it on, put Abby in it, and have my hands free to get Emma out and into the shopping cart.

As you can see, you can use it with a newborn or sleeping baby, or turn the baby around to use it with an older baby.  You can also use it to hip-carry, which I don't have a picture of.  You get the idea.

While they are "hands free" they aren't the most comfortable for long periods of time.  Because they go over 1 shoulder, they don't really balance the baby's weight equally over your upper body.  You can get a touch sore after more than an hour in it.  Also, you really don't have a whole lot of use of both arms, as one arm is right near the baby's head.  That's where a Moby Wrap is awesome.

My other favorite carrier is a Moby Wrap.  I also have a Sleepy Wrap.  The only difference that I've found is that the Sleepy Wrap is made of a slightly thicker material.  These are 1 size tie-on carriers.  It is basically one really long piece of fabric that is tapered on the ends, or "tails."  The only reason that these are't the only carriers I use, is because they take a minute to put on.  Because the tails are so long, they often drape on the ground when I'm putting it on.  I wouldn't want to do this in a parking lot, for example.  However, when we go somewhere that requires a lot of walking and it's near a nap time, I put it on at home, and then just wear it in the car.  When we get to our destination, I can just put Abby in it and go.

These are also the BEST for newborns.  They hold the baby firmly, and the baby is free to curl their little legs up, froggy-style, in it.  I also love it because it keeps germs away from the baby because their faces are nearly covered.  I used this a lot when Abby and Emma were really little and we'd go out.  It's also great for colicky babies around the house.  

One of my favorite things about the Moby is that you can cover up their heads when they fall asleep.  As you can see in a lot of these pictures, Abby has fallen asleep, and the Moby keeps her head comfortably supported.  It also has the added benefit of body heat.  We used it at the Stone Mountain Laser Show last weekend, and she and I were both toasty, even though it was around 40 degrees!

I hope this has helped to answer any questions you may have had about babywearing.  I'm not an expert, but I've used one quite often through the past 2 and a half years with 2 babies.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!  I love to talk "baby" if you couldn't tell.  ;)

Zoo Atlanta

I'm a little late in posting about this, but better late than never.  Right?  

We went with Mimi to Zoo Atlanta a few weeks ago before it got too cool.  The weather was perfect and we went right when they opened, so it wasn't very busy.  We had a blast!

Emma loves animals, but apparently not up close right now.  She tended to scream in terror whenever we saw one.  And not just big things like elephants.  Goats were almost as scary as elephants to Miss Em.  She's a nut.

We had fun anyway though, and ended up the trip with a ride on the train.  It was the girls' first train ride!  Pardon the picture of us on the train.  Brad was the photographer for the trip, and was a touch too lazy to move AROUND the pole to take the picture, so I ended up with 6 pictures of a metal pole through my head.  On top of that, they were all blurry, even though we were holding still at the time.  Goofball.